Little Legacies provides one-on-one mentoring in writing for pediatric patients and families faced with serious and life altering medical conditions. Providing age appropriate writing tools and inspiration, we are dedicated to improving the quality of patients’ time spent in treatments and hospitals and are enrichment to their existing services and treatments. At no cost to families, Little Legacies’ writing sessions result in structured, meaningful time spent during treatment or recovery. In cases where both the patient and family are coping with terminal illness, and should they so chose, we can guide the patient through writing their legacies to leave behind to loved ones.

** Little Legacies is pending approval for our 501(c)(3). It generally takes the IRS several months to process a 501(c)(3) application. This means we can accept donations but those donations are not tax deductible until our approval from the IRS is complete. Thank you for your charitable contributions!