The Complexity in Simple Questions

Writing prompts are wonderful in their unassuming nature. They meet the writer where he is wiling to go introspectively. As a writing mentor, I also find the more comfort that is created between the young writer and myself, the further they are willing to travel down the rabbit hole of self-reflection. Whether they ultimately decide to share it with me or not, they ask the questions that tell me they are chasing the rabbit!

One of my favorite sneaky writing prompts is quite simple at first thought: “Things I Believe In.” One needn’t blink more than twice to realize the philosophical door of Santa Clause, angels and self-confidence is going to be blown wide open. Children receive guidance from their parents before they even walk or talk. Adults are constantly modeling morals, social, religious and political beliefs, and emotional responses with every choice and action they make. So it isn’t surprising that children can write about these same topics with surprising detail and clarity, not to mention, a specific point of view. Though children have limited life experience, I find they do not waver in their beliefs.

What do YOU believe in?

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