Something Beautiful: Fragility is Strength

We live in a culture that prides itself on resilience. Being strong and seemingly unaffected by physical and emotional strains of life’s events is honored. The real beauty in these traumatic happenings is in the fragility and humility. The allowing of one’s self to crumble and feel all of the heartache changes you, I think for the better. Not all of us experience this kind of grace and temporary resignation. Though I’m reminded of it when I hold something delicate, and I’m just a little more careful to keep it snug in my hands and far from the hard earth. The power is within all of us to keep it together, but the real power is in letting go.

What was something beautiful you discovered?

2 thoughts on “Something Beautiful: Fragility is Strength”

  1. I love this! I absolutely agree. People think that being affected by things makes you weak. Being able to look inward and let yourself feel the emotion is incredibly empowering.

  2. It’s amazing the power that can be found in appreciating how delicate and fragile life can be. It can be far too easy to forget that vulnerability is not the same as weakness; in fact, it’s more akin to real courage and resilience when we allow ourselves to be affected by our hurts. Great post!

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