Child-Led Writing Session

We provide one on one guidance while the patient is self-led through independent discovery.  Patients are provided with writing prompts and exercises as well as a hard bound journal and writing implements to expand their thoughts to paper.

We always remain sensitive to the patient’s physical and emotional response to topics and length of session.

We provide in person mentoring in select cities and also provide sessions via Skype or Facebook Messenger Video.  Group workshops are also available where there is demand.

Our mentor services are provided through social services, hospitals and nonprofits for families that qualify.  Qualifying patients must write independently and are typically between the ages of 5 and 21 years old.   For questions, please go to our contact page.

Little Legacies provides reprieve for pediatric patients and families faced with terminal and life altering medical conditions.  We offer mentoring in writing as an enrichment to their existing services and treatments.  Providing writing tools and inspiration, we are dedicated to improving the quality of patients’ time spent in treatments and hospitals.