Prayers for Your Children

My spirituality strengthens in me during times of turmoil. I don’t feel I am alone in this metaphysical struggle. Nothing has caused me to fall on my knees and supplicate to God more than praying for my children. Nothing has taught me more about letting go of what I cannot change as much as watching my kids suffer. They’ve been given a path of suffering, and as much as I my heart breaks for them, I know they will be stronger and smarter for these lessons. Most beautifully, we have been brought closer in ways I would have never hoped, but so very glad for under the circumstances. Where I used to pray for their happiness and safety, now I pray for their resilience and knowledge. I see such strength and wisdom in their responses and choices. If they are capable of such things, surely I too can achieve these golden rules of life. At the very least, I can strive to be an example to them, as much as they are to me.

Please keep my children safe and withstanding of physical suffering,
Please keep their hearts soft as others work to confuse and break them,
Please keep them wrapped in love,
so that even at the worst times they have unwavering knowledge of my undying support.
Please allow them the shelter of my home, my space, my arms to be who they need to be in any given moment, in any emotion.


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