Limitless Abilities

One beautiful thing about the human race, is when one person suffers, another seeks to lessen that suffering. This is the foundation on which Little Legacies was established. If you look past the gloom and doom of traditional news reporting and do a bit of active searching, you will find the human condition to heal and love in mass quantity.

From this desire to heal, love, share and grow has come many nonprofits, so many, that there are now nonprofits to help nonprofits! Here in lies the problem. There are many great services but they are not always easy to access or utilize. Christina Rauschert discovered this when her daughter received multiple diagnosis requiring an onslaught of doctors appointments, tests and insurance calls. Christina felt isolated and overwhelmed in her search for services and community for her family. She knew she never wanted another family to feel alone and under supported and so she founded Limitless Ability.

Limitless Ability is a non-profit organization, that provides resources and builds community. These services are for people who know or have a child with extra needs from IEP’s, invisible disabilities, rare diseases, physical obstacles, and everything in between. They allow families and professionals easy access to valued resources, through an involved & supportive community that enhances their quality of life.

Limitless Ability has an open invitation for parents, professionals, & friends of children with all abilities, to join in their unique online support group (here). It is a safe and positive environment, with open communication, collaboration and advocacy. They purposefully invite families and professionals alike to be a part of this forum because they believe helping children and families should be a singular team effort. There is much value in others perspectives and experiences. They also have a free online group here!

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