Get Real

I had a beautiful experience the other day. I put myself out of my comfort zone, on purpose, and signed up for a local open mic night. I sing. I dabble in piano and guitar but nothing that could be performed unless I just performed chorus lines. So I sang. Just me, and the mic, and on looking eyes. So many eyes.

The first beautiful thing I noticed was how many people came to support the performers. The second, was how little my voice quivered and how minimally my knees shook as I gripped the mic and just enjoyed the experience. The third, how performers unapologetically put their heart and soul into their efforts. And lastly, how present and loving the audience was.

For this timid singer of loud tunes in my car, I would join this open mic again. Watching strangers connect and effortlessly support one another was a revival for a heart that has witnessed so much disdain in popular culture.

So lets all be real, vulnerable, maybe terrible, but mostly beautiful in all that we are!

What was something beautiful you experienced?

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