There are many ways to get involved with us!


Donating to Little Legacies helps cover the costs of hospital visits, materials, and business expenses that are all necessary for us to provide this service to young patients and their families


Apply to help Little Legacies with fundraising events.



Are you a business that is looking to give back?! We would love to have you as a sponsor! Please contact us!



Are you interested in mentoring our patients and families through writing?

Our mentors are asked to make at least a one year commitment.  They receive background checks and continuous training.   Training includes HIPPA laws, grief and bereavement, communication and dynamics of families, spirituality, as well as signs and symptoms of illness.  Our mentors adhere to the policies of the hospital, social service or nonprofit with which we are working.  They also receive 40 hours of shadowing before mentoring independently.


Most importantly, our mentors must adhere to our strictest requirements of moral conduct including but not limited to being impeccable with one’s words, use of empathy, respect for all faiths, and patience.
Please fill out an application (Link below), attach a resume, and an essay demonstrating your writing skills. You may be required to pay a small background check fee.