Free Legacy Letter Mentoring for Those in Treatment for Breast Cancer as well as Survivors

For the Month of October:  Free Legacy Letter Mentoring for Those in Treatment for Breast Cancer as well as Survivors

Cancer is the Great Clarifier


As many of you know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age when I myself, was only 7 years old.  Cancer has been a word in my vocabulary as long as I can remember.  Cancer has also been a gift in my life.  Cancer opened my eyes to true suffering and loss giving me a greater appreciation for the life that I live and the lives of those close to me.  Cancer forced me to ask myself the difficult questions about my choices and the direction my life was headed, and it ultimately led me to where I am now. Cancer made me feel ashamed for not living each day like it was my last and then pointed me in the right direction to remedy my forgotten journey.  Cancer is my life coach, it is my angel.


Letters to Your Loved Ones


Though my mom ultimately lost her battle with cancer when I was 21 years old, she created a legacy that I follow in every memory of her and every genetic code she lent to me.   She also left me letters.  Three to be exact.  The first letter she wrote to say goodbye to me when I was 7 years old.  The second letter she wrote when I was 15 years old and the cancer was no longer being kept in check and spreading to her blood and bones.  The third was when I was 21, she was losing her battle and resigned to the end.


I didn’t read any of these letters until after her passing when I discovered them amongst her files.  I read them a lot in the first year after she passed.   And even now, 17 years later, I find myself pulling them out of their safe storage, and crying as I read the words of my mother’s hopes and dream for me.  I don’t think she knew they were legacy letters.  To her, they were the thoughts she wanted to be sure I would never forget.  Most importantly, the message she wanted me most to hear from all three letters, was that she loved me to and past the ends of the world and her life.


My mom was a wonderful writer.  Her words were colorful and defining.   She was very comfortable with writing as a tool and means of expression.  I am so blessed that I have this connection to her.  This is why, for the month of October, Little Legacies is offering writing mentoring to women who are battling breast cancer and to survivors.  Contact us here to set up a time or to ask questions

Legacies Letters are a Platform for Sharing Wisdom


While one might feel the need to write a Legacy Letter during times their life might seem fleeting, Legacies are also often written during great times of triumph.  We learn so much from our struggles and sometimes with even greater clarity once we have healed from our struggles.   Presidents, while in office, have been known to write Legacy Letters to their children, mothers have written Legacy Letters waiting for their children to be born, even children graduating 8th grade or high school write Legacy Letters in the form of their graduation speeches.


We can help with your Legacy Letter locally in Iowa City, IA or in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas.  We are also available via GoogleChat and Skype to work anywhere in the United States or internationally.

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