Small Stories

Adults often leave legacy letters; Our dreams unfilled, the lessons we learned and hope to leave behind, our deepest unspoken feelings for those closest to us. Children can be the most profound when presented with life’s hardest tests. Their short time on this earth does not preclude them from a clear understanding of people, social dynamics and life after this one. Little Legacies provides children being treated for terminal illness a one on one opportunity to find the words to express their voice. They will be guided, encouraged and engaged to write about various topics that will, inevitably, lead them to voice their feelings about their health, struggles and the understanding of their shortened timeline.

This experience, for patients, is less about writing proper and attractive sentences, but rather, increasing self-understanding and illuminating the experiences and people that contributed to their life. They are, in essence, writing about the past which can psychologically give them permission to move on.

For families and friends left behind, the words of the patient can provide clarity, connection, or even as simple as a fond memory of their experiences of their life.

There is, literally, nothing “Little” about what these families endure and children have some of the most beautiful Legacies one can find. We are thankful for the families who welcome us into this most precious time and the children who invite us into their hearts and minds.

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