DIY Lanterns

Hi everyone! Kim here, this week has been bananas, I apologize. Better late than never, right?! As promised on our Facebook live video, here is a quick DIY tutorial for the lanterns we made for the Light the Night event September 28 at Wash Park, Denver, CO.

** We hope to see you there! **

This is a super fast and fun project! You can use it to create a magical atmosphere, for fun campfire-esq story time, to decorate your kids room, to use for a night time walk, the possibilities are endless!

Supplies you’ll need:

. mason jar
. twine or metal wire
. design printed on computer paper (cut to height of jar)
. scissors
. flame-less candle

STEP 1 | Collect all of your supplies

STEP 2 | Take measured print out, roll and insert into mason jar

STEP 3 | Measure twine or wire to arm span and cut

STEP 4 | Fold twine or wire so it is folded into 1/3

STEP 5 | Tie a loop on one end of the length of twine / wire

STEP 6 | Wrap twine / wire around lip of jar and insert other end of wire / twine through the loop

STEP 7 | Tie the other end of the twine / wire around the material previous tied around the jar, thus creating a handle!

STEP 8 | Turn on flame-less candle and place at bottom of jar

STEP 9 | Have fun and use your imagination!!


Share your creations with us!!!!

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