Carpe Diem

The Little Legacies Trifecta (Leah, Kim and their collective dogs) went on a hike in Boulder one fine afternoon. It is spring in the Rocky Mountains so afternoon showers are a given, but we thought we had time for a short hike before the rains dropped either a mist or buckets. It was beautiful. The sky was a midnight blue painted in lighter shades by the storm clouds rolling in. The darkness cast a vibrancy on every color and surface. As we finished up our hike, despite the sand spitting sharp shards of gravel against our bare legs and small drops of rain felt inconsistently upon our cheeks, other hikers were arriving to take on the trail.

Without fear of becoming wet, cold or wind-beaten, they would rather grasp the opportunity of feeling everything that could be felt in that moment than to decide it was too precarious or just too late.

What was something beautiful you experienced?

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