Break into Writing

The most common question I get about our services is, “How do you start?” For many of us, taking the first step can often times be the scariest. Whether it’s the first step climbing a mountain or your first word on a page, there is mental preparation to take on the challenge.

I found the easiest way to break into writing is through seemingly simple exercises. With our young writers, listing 100 things that make them happy appears unintimidating. After your first 25 additions to the list you have to struggle to come up with more. You have to search those deep wrinkles in your brain and find memories of every sight, smell, texture and sound. How do I know? Because I do the exercises too! My first writer’s block hit me at about 25 words, then again at 40. Truth be told, I’m still coming up with my last 20 things that make me happy.

The beauty of this writing exercise is that it opens up the gates of deeper consideration to seemingly trivial things. Often times items from these lists feed into other writing prompts down the road. Plus, word on the street is that counting one’s blessings leads to a happier more enriched life!

What are 100 things that make YOU happy?

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