Love picture Make Your Mark

Our local library designates a proportionally large amount of space towards it’s children’s section. When I bring my girls in I’m forever shushing them as they first and most inappropriately choose a movie (It’s a library people!!) and then usher them towards books and the writing activity table. The writing table is covered with large sheets of white paper that is inevitably already completely covered in the marks of children that came before. We find the supply of activity sheets provided and fill in the blank sheets. Big sister fills them out according to the directions. Little sister ignores the pre-typed text completely as if it were a blank sheet of paper. Past their own sheets of paper they mark on the table in between existing lines, words and drawings. They add fruit to trees, suns to mountains and wings to ponies. Despite a world that has been created in 2-dimension, they unabashedly make their mark and add to the microcosm that had been laid out before them.

And then I think, isn’t that what we are all doing, every day, in every action and reaction?

What was something beautiful you witnessed?

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